Morning all,

Back baking this week after an extended trip some of Europe’s great cities; London Lille, Leeds, Sheffield and.. Birkenhead… 😉

Lots of good bread in France although not sure eating 2 croissants and a pain au chocolat daily would be good for my health in the long term, was tasty though!

This week going to be baking the usual loaves as listed below and a couple of specials. First special is the multigrain which is packed full of seeds and grains, and the second special is going to be a walnut and raisin sourdough. I crack all the walnuts myself so they are fresh 😉 I will also be doing some olive and sun dried tomato ciabattas @ £1.60. However be aware the olive/tomatoes may not be organic.

Anyway, please let me know your orders by Thursday morning if possible and collect from Friday at 1pm in Great Oak Foods.

Cheers for now,