Morning all,

Hope everyone is good. Advance notice. There will be no bread definitely for one week, perhaps two. Will send my next bread mail the week I am baking My bread does freeze well, some people slice it into halves or quarters, so can defrost a little at a time!

The specials this week are as follows:

Onion and Bay sourdough, the onions are cooked in a mixture of bay and milk which is then mixed into the dough (bay leaves removed!)
Carrot and Walnut rye sourdough. We saw this in Berlin so I’m going to be trying it out. Not sure yet if it will be 100% rye or a mixture of wheat/rye

I’ll also be doing focaccia slices with garlic/rosemary (if I get time!)

Usual orders by Thursday morning please, otherwise collection from Great Oak Foods from 1pm on Friday Cheers, Andy

Ciabatta – Italian soft “slipper” bread (300g) £1.20
Olivaccia – Olive and sun dried tomato ciabatta (300g) – £1.60
Dolly – Wheat loaf with 4 seeds (800g) £1.90
Ceredigion – Small loaf using 50% local wholemeal flour £1.20
Muffins – English muffins – perfect for Saturday breakfast! 40p each

Borodinksy – Dark Russian bread with molasses&  coriander (400g) £2.30
Revolution – Large dense loaf full of pumpkin and sunflower seeds (800g) £2.70
(also available on request without seeds £2.50)

Kiev – Rye and Wheat sourdough with caraway seeds (400g) £1.90
Vermont – Wheat sourdough batard (400g) £1.90
Potato Bread – Wheat sourdough with honey and potato (400g) £2.10

Onion and Bay (400g) – £2.30
Carrot&  Walnut (400g) – £2.30
Focaccia slice (90p)