Morning all,

Hope you are all well. We are now back from festival season including a successful bread making workshop at the Idler Academy tent at Shambala. Taught 6 people who had never made bread to make muffins and flatbreads. Blog post with pictures on soon.

So I’m back making bread this week, I’m going to be making Multigrain sourdough and Walnut/Raisin sourdoughs as specials. Only limited numbers of these, so if you want one please let me know asap. Both priced £2.30

As usual any orders/changes to regular orders, please let me know by early Thursday morning.

Otherwise see you from 1.15pm (to give me time to unload!) at Great Oak Foods on Friday.


Ciabatta – Italian soft “slipper” bread (300g) £1.20
Olivatta – Olive and sun dried tomato ciabatta (300g) – £1.60
Dolly – Wheat loaf with 4 seeds (800g) £1.90
Ceredigion – Small loaf using 50% local wholemeal flour £1.20
Muffins – English muffins – perfect for Saturday breakfast! 40p each

Borodinksy – Dark Russian bread with molasses & coriander (400g) £2.30
Revolution – Large dense loaf full of pumpkin and sunflower seeds (800g) £2.70
(also available on request without seeds £2.50)

Kiev – Rye and Wheat sourdough with caraway seeds (400g) £1.90
Vermont – Wheat sourdough batard (400g) £1.90
Potato Bread – Wheat sourdough with honey and potato (400g) £2.10

Focaccia slice (90p)