Morning all,

Yes it’s the 1st August which means it’s Lammas or Loaf-Mass which is a celebration of a forthcoming harvest. There is a piece on this in today’s Guardian by Andrew Whitley:

“When scarcity was the norm, a good harvest was a matter of life and death. No surprise, then, that cutting the first corn was a cause for celebration, when hope and anticipation displaced the gnawing anxiety that was most people’s daily fare. Lammas (from the old English hlafmaesse – loaf-mass) has its origins in the pagan lughnasadh and was at one time an important festival. It marked the arrival of ample food supplies (at least for a while) and a period of community labour with good company for the teams of reapers.”

Guardian article on Lammas

This week’s specials are yet to be decided so come and try your luck on Friday from 1.15pm (a bit later than 1pm if possible…). I usually announce more on twitter @andysbread once things are in the oven if you are twitter enabled 😉

As usual, for orders – reply to this email by tomorrow morning. If you have a regular order and are going away on holiday and need to cancel – please let me know too.

See you on Friday and enjoy Lammas despite the rain….


PS Hope everyone enjoyed their beetroot loaf last week, I think it was a record for selling out. All 5 went in 30 minutes.

Ciabatta – Italian soft “slipper” bread (300g) £1.20
Olivatta – Olive and sun dried tomato ciabatta (300g) – £1.60
Dolly – Wheat loaf with 4 seeds (800g) £1.90
Ceredigion – Small loaf using 50% local wholemeal flour £1.20
Muffins – English muffins – perfect for Saturday breakfast! 40p each

Borodinksy – Dark Russian bread with molasses & coriander (400g) £2.30
Revolution – Large dense loaf full of pumpkin and sunflower seeds (800g) £2.70
(also available on request without seeds £2.50)

Kiev – Rye and Wheat sourdough with caraway seeds (400g) £1.90
Vermont – Wheat sourdough batard (400g) £1.90
Potato Bread – Wheat sourdough with honey and potato (400g) £2.10

Focaccia slice (90p)