Morning all,

Hope everyone is well today. This week’s specials are going to be beetroot sourdough bread (which comes out a radiant red colour) and one I haven’t made since February for the 100% rye folk, roggen volkornbrot which contains “Felin Ganol” chopped rye and linseed. It’s lovely thinly sliced and topped with a slice of one of the great Welsh cheeses stocked at Great Oak Foods (mmmm) Oh and given the warm weather should only be consumed outside in the sun with a chilled glass of cider.

As usual any orders/changes to regular orders, please let me know by early Thursday morning.

Otherwise see you from 1.15pm (to give me time to unload!) at Great Oak Foods on Friday.


Ciabatta – Italian soft “slipper” bread (300g) £1.20
Olivatta – Olive and sun dried tomato ciabatta (300g) – £1.60
Dolly – Wheat loaf with 4 seeds (800g) £1.90
Ceredigion – Small loaf using 50% local wholemeal flour £1.20
Muffins – English muffins – perfect for Saturday breakfast! 40p each

Borodinksy – Dark Russian bread with molasses & coriander (400g) £2.30
Revolution – Large dense loaf full of pumpkin and sunflower seeds (800g) £2.70
(also available on request without seeds £2.50)

Kiev – Rye and Wheat sourdough with caraway seeds (400g) £1.90
Vermont – Wheat sourdough batard (400g) £1.90
Potato Bread – Wheat sourdough with honey and potato (400g) £2.10

Focaccia slice (90p)
Beetroot Bread/Volkornbrot- £2.30