It was a busy 2012 at Andy’s Bread HQ (or alternatively known as our home kitchen) but we are hoping that 2013 will be even more exciting. Last year was spent mainly making bread for the lovely folk of Llanidloes. The favourites seem to be 100% rye breads, ciabattas and english muffins. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to sell at Great Oak Foods which is a volunteer run shop, so I can also sell the bread I make.

This year the plan is to move out of the home kitchen to slightly larger premises and with a new oven. We are simultaneously setting up the Llanidloes Kitchen Project which means the bread is going to be part of a larger scheme. My oven investigations are proceeding slowly. I’m looking at the Rofco range of ovens at the moment but it’s still early days.

So expansion of sorts but I have decided bread making will only be something I do 1-2 days a week, lots of other projects on the go too. Perhaps 2013 (or more likely 2014) is the year when I get an apprentice.

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