Afternoon all,

A delayed flour delivery last Friday meant there was panic on the streets of Llanidloes as no fresh baguettes were available on Saturday morning! But fear not, the T55 flour has arrived from France (via Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire) and baguette production will recommence tomorrow morning in both seedy and seedless varieties. (£1.50/£1.70)

I am also trialing toasted teacakes this week, available to purchase from Great Oak Foods if all goes well. The recipe contains lard but I’m replacing with white chocolate.

Finally a German pumpernickel “black” bread which takes 16 hours to bake will be available to order for Saturday morning in 400g and 800g sizes (£2.30/£2.80) – not 100% rye. Contains rye chops, soaked grain and molasses

I am also working on a gluten free buckwheat “bread” which Leanne thinks is nicer than normal bread…. watch this space.

To order bread please get in touch

Bye for now,